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2 weeks tomorrow
(Thursday Dec 24th
since we began drinking fresh
fruit & veggie
smoothies every morning for breakfast 
eating healthy dinners every nite.
We tossed all 
foods from our fridge and cupboards
when we started this;
 our fridge 
was almost empty.
Now it's FULL of organic fruits & veggies!
We added some *kale* to the mix this week
(that was new to us)
and like it.
A dark green leafy veg light in flavor
very good for you.

There is no turning back at this point
~ we love it ~

It does cost a little more to eat this way
but our quality of life 
is worth it!

I am still waking up feeling refreshed every morning.
I can't stress this enough!
I went from dragging my butt to the coffee pot upon
feeling unwell every morning,
until we made this change.
I am also waking B4 my alarm
goes off every morning
which feels SO good!!!

As far as my "severe" back pain
I now know some is related to
I did some research the other night, and found that
fluctuation of
 estrogen levels 
have an impact on the way joints and muscles feel.
So I'll be adding new exercises they claim will help.
The strange part of the pain is
it shows up
about a week b4 my period
(when they decide to randomly show up)
and lasts roughly 3-5 days in.
the day those are
will be the day
this horrible pain subsides.

We also bought some cocao powder
and made some chocolate sorbet tonight using
organic raw sugar
2% milk 
it was sooo good!
Click here to read about it


Anonymous said...

This new eating change sounds like it is working out really well for's to a very healthy New Year.

Merry Christmas,

Rawkin' said...

You will not regret this wonderful decision you're making! Congrats to both of you!

Stormy said...

Hi Rawkin!

Still making the smoothies EVERY morning, with mixed greens & fruit.
Dinners were good for the first 2 weeks and then Christmas dinner thru me off ~ my tummy went UGH!
No surprise; i new it was coming.

Now to find more dinner recipes...

Thanks for stopping by!


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