A Treasury & More

A big thank U
for including my
"Fresh Fallen Snow
in her treasury.

Thanks J!


New addition to my shop. 

I also made 
other pieces
Christmas gifts.

I would show you
i'm not sure who's
I'll try to remember and post pics over the holiday weekend.
Back pain has been horrible the last few days.
I wish i new what triggered this!
Seems to come more often as of late.
I stopped taking the muscle spasm meds 
(flexeril)last week,...
 started valium the last doc gave me; 
which helped for a bit,
but then seemed to do nothing so i stopped.
(I HATE taking meds)
even Tylenol.

I just took 2 valium
a total of 10mg.
(i was only taking 5mg)
Only because i can't take much more of this pain.
I will be in tears b4 i will take most meds.

for those of you who believe in 
~ power of distant healing ~
my body
could sure use some
~ PS ~
a week tomorrow 
w/nothing but 
 lots of
whole grains
chicken breast/tenders
dipped in egg whites
 dipped in
crushed almonds.
Love this on my salad w/maple dressing
(which i need to find a healthy recipe for using Vermont maple syrup)

Jamie makes himself a 
 fruit & veggie smoothie
morning @ 5:30am
and is enjoying this new way of eating
as much as me.
Who-da thought it would have been this easy!
It's a great feeling!


Janice said...

I'm so sorry your back is still hurting you.....are you sure its muscular? Sometimes kidneys can cause sever pain. ((take care of yourself!))

It's great you all are doing so well with the new eating - its astonishing ot me that people think its so hard! But those are the people who haven't tried it! Its really rather simple, yes?

YW on the Treasury - its great when people you like make things that you love!! :-)

(nice bike by the way - never noticed that before!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the treasury you are in (me too :-)). Sorry your back is makes you hurt all over...hope you feel better soon.

Stormy said...

Thanks girls xx

Janice ~ I went to my GYN today (for ovary aching/pain, as well as the mid/lower back pain) i've had for a month or so - she did an internal exam... it was normal. She also did an internal ultrasound which was all normal. she checked my urine and tapped the kidneys (both fine).
So now I wait until Jan 5th, when i see my (new) primary. I have so many issues going on in my back & neck, it's ridiculous.
whiplash, arthritis, bone spurs, bulging disc, and more. Flare-ups like this happen at random.
I was told by one doc it was fibro, which i didn't buy...

2 car accidents are partly the reason i deal with this pain.
Hitting black ice last winter and getting tossed into the guardrail on the highway made things worse.
I won't get into why the pain started, but it was 20 yrs ago.

When i see my primary next month, i'm going to demand a FULL back/neck MRI and whatever else it takes to *see* what's going on inside my body. I fired my last primary because she would only ever focus on ONE thing at a time!
I don't know why i stayed with her for over 16 yrs...

Stormy said...

PS ~

"YW on the Treasury - its great when people you like make things that you love!! :-)"

What a sweet thing to say!
back @ ya!

The bike is great in the warmer weather ~ it's one of my favorite times spent with Jamie :)
He rides it to work until it gets below 35-40 degrees... crazy man!
But it makes him so happy :)


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