New Work & A Special Photo

Canadian Jade
(chain was changed on 5/20/10)

~  now in my shop  ~

My birthday was Nov 23rd.

Jamie took me out for a nice dinner
bought me a great pr of hiking boots
that will be put to use starting this weekend.

gave me a beautiful bouquet

Three of the flowers were
white iris.

I have never 
seen an iris
in white.

I snapped some photos a few days in...

i captured this one
that will be
filed and framed.

I love this photo!


Janice said...

Happy happy birthday!!!! :-D

I have a little birthday gift for you in way -- its in way of a file -- need to find it -- I'm between computers. Can you give me your email address? email me - janiceihg AT hotmail DOT co.

Willow Branch said...

Happy birthday!!! I don't think I've seen a white iris either, but your photography is amaziing. I love the softness of the photo & the way it blurs around the egdes.

Beautiful stone too. I've never seen a Canadian Jade either.


Stormy said...

Thank you ladies! ♥

Janice, I sent my email address in convo to yr etsy shop.

Willow ~ the white iris is now my new favorite ~ so beautiful!


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