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Zuzu's Petals ~ have U heard their music ?

Chances are, probably not...

Jamie came home the other day with a copy of their *1st* CD ~ he works with John Dusharm (one of the band members). Not typically my kind of music but, I like the songs
"Don't fall in love", and "Wait and see".

can check them out
here ~ Zuzus Petal's


LOVE this idea

I found this photo from BHG's website over at make room 4 living ~ isn't this a great idea?
I love this!

What's in this stuff anyway ??

Chances are, YOU know someone that's been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. A lot of us wonder WTH this disease came from. I was in a car accident 7 years ago that messed up my neck and back pretty bad. I still deal with the pain every day, but I KNOW what this pain was caused by. What I don't know, is what caused this so called "Fibromyalgia" pain I deal with!

It's scary what goes into the products we use everyday...

Read for your self ~ WebMD article

Once you're done, follow this link and search the products you use
@ Skin Deep


A few of my favorite photos

My daughter at age 4 holding her ticket for the Halloween contest. I was in the hospital so her step_dad dressed her up for trick-or-treating at the mall ~ after that, he brought her to see me, dressed in her lil bunny costume :)
Hard to believe this was 20 years ago!

Freshwater Pearl ~ Sterling Silver & Gunmetal bracelet ~ I had listed in my other shop that didn't sell ~ so I kept it for myself .
I love this photo :)

Jamie used to race mountain bikes when he lived in Ct. This was a shot a photographer had taken at one of the races, right b4 we met.


If you like to laugh...

Check out this video sassyglassdesigns posted on her blog

Sorry I haven't blogged yet this week..."the pain" has returned.
At this point, I just stretch as much as possible ~ have Jamie massage ~ and go 2 bed with the heating pad :(
I don't know how much more of this I can take!

I'll be calling the rheumatologist & a chiropractor I used to see years ago, in the morning.


Yard Sale Update and Old Table Photos

Saturday's yard sale turned out pretty good. The start time was 8am, but people didn't start showing up until around 9:00, which is a switch from last year, when they were piling in before it was time.

So it was nice to be *awake* when dealing with sales. We packed it up shortly b4 2pm, just b4 it started to rain ~ No surprise there!

Jamie was up at 5:30am, bringing 2 of my work tables, a large craft folding table, and his overhead tent out to start setting up. I was up at 6:30, but had time to sit & enjoy a coffee on the sofa b4 going out, because he had brought just about EVERYTHING outside already (he's such a sweet heart) :)

The items that didn't sell, are going to goodwill tomorrow.

It's funny how last year, we *thought* we had put out everything we wanted to get rid of, and yet this year we had MORE than last year! It feels SO good to look around, and see the closets and basement cleared. We gave really good deals on everything we sold; a sort of "pay it forward" ~ so many people are in need this year, that it just felt like the right thing to do. The reward is in the smiles you get in return :)

The livingroom was in total chaos this many boxes came up from the basement Friday night, so Jamie pushed furniture out of the way. I thought this would be the perfect time to move furniture around a little...

In doing so, I snapped a few photos of an old "work table" we picked up last week at an antique shop near by. I have no idea how old it is, nor do I care ~ I just love how *beatup* it is!
At some point, Jamie will refinish the top, leaving the warped center and corners intact, and I will give the lower half an aged look with paint.
He hates when I want the room moved around, because I'm never really happy with it one way 4 long...the rooms here are just so odd shaped, I hate it. Anyway...I said "hold on, I wana snap a couple pics while the table is there", needless to say, I had to move quickly, lol.

Not the best pics, but here they are

The photo above looks like the backside is higher, but it's just the angle it was taken. The table is actually a maple stain color, not red ~ I think it's because I used the flash.

If only this little thing could talk ~ the stories she could tell! :)


Totally Spaced!

I totally spaced out ...the community yard sale is THIS weekend! We've had nothing but rain for over a month, so this was the last thing on my mind.
So, it's after 10pm Wednesday nite, and I am doing 5 large loads of laundry for the sale ~ it's my daughters clothing, she no longer wears. She was here a month or so ago going through it all... told me I could sell it at the GS or donate it, so what's left after the sale will be donated.

Everything else has been ready for 2 weeks now ~ I can't believe I spaced this out ~ of ALL things to do last minute *LAUNDRY*!

Jamie said he has no major plans tomorrow, and will do what's left. As of now, there is 1 in the dryer & 1 in the washer, with 3 more loads to be W&D ~ 1 is a quilt of hers, she no longer wants ~ the rest is clothes.
I sure am glad all of MY clothes went last year! ...which makes me realize...i need some new clothes ~ but I hate shopping!

We went to the antique shop yesterday and picked up the item we had payed for over the weekend ~ the other item I decided not to get, because I stopped at an antique shop near us, and fell in love with an old *beatup* work table they had instead.
I'll get pics as soon as I have a few minutes with decent daylight in the room.


Weekend Update

The weekend seems to be a bit of a blur...a stressful/hormonal day today.
I keep hoping, as I go into *M*, that it will be a smooth transition ~ but it's been a roller coaster for the last 2 years ~ well, 10 years really but, who's counting?

Anyway...Saturday, I spent the day cleaning and playing around with a couple jewelry ideas. We went downtown to Burlington for dinner around 7ish, to try a new restaurant (for the 2nd time) called "Sweetwaters". I had a gorgonzola salad, w/raspberry vinaigrette & ranch on the side, topped with crispy almond chicken; the almonds looked like crispy corn flakes ~ it was the best chicken I have ever had!
Jamie got steak, pot's & fresh veggies, which he was totally happy with as well.

Yesterday (Sunday), we took the bike out for a few hours down route 7 ~ stopped at an antique shop we had not been in b4. They were having a holiday weekend sale...(more like a giveaway)...we purchased 1 item, and will be picking it up tomorrow (I'll post pic's). One other larger piece, I will decide on tomorrow when I see it again. I haven't been in the mood to shop in 4ever, and I want to make sure it's not going to be one of those *impulse* buys.

I oxidized the wrapped green amethyst, and decided the chain will be oxidized as well. I also oxidized a pair of larger ear wires to an *almost black*, and tumbled for a couple hours to a high shine ~ they're pretty I need something bright to hang from them.

I figured out what to do with the brass teardrops ~ they will get listed as soon as I get a few more pic's. I'm calling them

"Tears of Armor"


I made time ...Jamie made dinner

~Jamie cooked dinner tonight ~
Light & Fluffy egg noodle pasta ~ Yellow Squash ~ Zucchini ~ Shrimp ~
Promise butter substitute ~ Garlic Powder ~ Black Pepper
Mixed Berry Walnut Muffins

My guy ~ I snapped this on the road trip to the graduation...
I'm listening babe... ;)

I managed to squeeze in some time today to make a few things ~ I need to decide if I want to oxidize all of the sterling silver on the green amethyst, or just the silver wrap on the stone.
The brass teardrops I cut out and fired... no idea what I'm doing with them.

I cut the copper disc,
added some texture, fired some color, and balled some sterling for the bail(it looks much darker in the photo, better pics to come) ~ still needs to be tumbled. I hope to finish the two necklaces tomorrow, and list over the weekend.

This is the view from my laptop ~ the neighbors yard.
It's so peaceful out there :)


Smelling the Flowers

i took this photo on one of our drives ~ it's a vine ~ that's all i know
do you know what this flower is?

Jamie has gained 6 lbs in the last week! The tremors have slowed way down as well, so things are looking up! :)
He starts taking his anti-thyroid meds 3 times a day (instead of 2) this weekend (July 4).
He started working out again ~ slowly ~ and he has ALSO quit smoking! He started Chantax the day b4 he was put on the thyroid meds ~ he has NOT had a smoke since last Wed, which is unbelievable! He has tried many times in the past with no luck ~ I'm thrilled!

I've been having this strange feeling in my left hand/lower arm, that feels like someone is running a lit lighter an inch away from my skin. It started in my palm (on the fatty ball area yr thumb is connected too) and then started to move up my arm towards my elbow. It started last Friday, and comes on w/out notice ~ sometimes lasts a 1/2 hour, and sometimes it just comes and goes. Jamie thinks it may be a nerve thing. I've been dealing with shoulder/back/neck and left arm pain for years now, due to an accident; stress turns my muscles into concrete. I need to focus on stretching again, or I will be sorry and I know it... I tend to ignore pain until I can't move...I gotta stop doing that!

Oh... he also got a "return to work date" which is July 20th, unless something changes :)


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