New Jewelry

i haven't had a lot of time
to sit at my bench all winter
hope to change that real soon.
the price of silver is unbelievable right now.
i sure hope it goes back down soon.

 these will be listed
over the weekend.
wire wrapped carnelian

 faceted blue topaz 
wrapped in gold fill.
very petite!

a little inspiration :-)

Japan Healing Meditation


Finished Frames & A Shop to Share

Here are the finished frames.
made from new 'reclaimed' poplar wood
from jamies job-site.
the patina on the Lg & Sm frames
was created with
one stain
(the dark stain seen in the center of the small frame)
using a technique i made-up
and used years ago.
the small frame has a hint 
the "robins egg blue" paint peeking thru
on the inside rim.
the over-all color 
resembles a warm walnut color.

Lg 15" square - inside 8x8
Sm 10 1/8" square - inside 3 1/8"

 the antique photo i snagged at a yard sale years
for no more than a couple bucks!


those little white thing-ez 

are the feet off from this antique table
i mentioned the other day.

robins egg blue frame 
outside measures 12 9/16" square
inside 5 5/8" 
i don't do know if i will distress this one.

also ~

i added this woman's shop 
to a treasury i made on etsy 
not long ago
thought i would share with you.
the detail in her work is amazing!

click here FLOWERS
to see her beautiful work.


New Turquoise Necklace

soon to be listed.
i need to take more photos
b4 i can list this one.

am feeling some
anxiety today.
not sure where it's coming from
i wish it would go away!


I'll have a few items to add to my 

I decided to stain the 
wood frames.

the medium frame
got 4 coats 
robins egg 
i love the color of the stain over primer!
looks totally different than it should.
 and takes
for e-v-e-r
to dry this time of year!
could be a few more days.
i have the mini-fan blowing a light wind on them 
as i speak.

i also have 2 tea-lite candle holders
jamie made for me.
i'll be finishing them this week.


the most 
little feet 
i have ever seen!
saved from the legs of this 150+
year old work table of sorts.

  i thought the above photo was a stain
we cut the feet off to see it's the natural color -

(the sander will be hitting the white paint soon, hehe)

with white
worn & weathered paint
(that i added when i was painting everything in site, white)
mismatched bottoms.
i love them already
and they're not even finished!
 we purchased the table at a local antique dealer -  
it's now a coffee table
because it just wasn't high enough to be my sewing table.

will try and post a few sneak-peeks
over the next couple of days.

on to other news...
 we were buried in 2+ feet of snow today.
Jamie headed to work anyway.

half-way there he got a call to stay home!
so he turned the truck around.
he said there were cars and trucks
and even the smaller
tow trucks 
stuck everywhere!

we were told to
fifth largest snow-storm on record for feb.
hope everyone is well.
stay safe
where ever you are!

New Addition to My Shop

as some of you already know ~
Jamie builds custom homes
for a living.

friday evening
i was talking with him about 
some things i wanted to add to 

he had mentioned
that he had some poplar wood trim/molding
on the job site
that would be tossed in to the scrap pile
(which he hates doing)
we went to his job site on saturday
so he could show me the "scraps"
i could pick from.

while we were there
he cut some wood
added corner biscuits
glued & clamped

3 of these

they are waiting to be 
sanded smooth
before i list them in my shop.
i was playing with colors off & on last night.

i think i'll be listing all 3 as a set.

color ideas, anyone?

what's hot?
what's not?

p.s. -
he showed me some mahogany that may be 
"scrap" as well
sometime down the road.


he also showed me a "scrap" piece of granite 
that was a gorgeous shade of sage green with plum specs -
i fell in LOVE!
he told me "it may be scrap"

this piece is roughly 2.4' x 4'
there was a chance i could have taken it home!
but i have no use for it
that i could think of

I'll have to bring my camera next time we go
to his job site
so i can share some of the beautiful work that he does.
These pics were taken with his cell.


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