Green Breakfast Smoothie

I went to bed last night at 3am 
(i get lost in this raw food research)
opened my eyes at 9am.
Got out of bed
went to the kitchen
where Jamie had just made 
fresh coffee,
and started pulling fruits & veggies together for our breakfast smoothie experiment.

The pitcher that came with our Vita-mix is a 64oz.

Filled it 3/4 full with fresh spinach 
added some fresh orange juice
(roughly 1/2 a cup)

two 1/2 moon slices of pineapple
1/3 cucumber w/skin
1 long celery stalk
1 carrot
1 large banana
3 tbs ground flaxseed
drizzled in a little honey
just enough ice to make it cold
once blended.

~ I must tell you ~

it's been years
(approx 7+)
since i've got out of bed ready to start my day
~ feeling happy ~ 
~ less stiff ~

 ~ AWAKE ~

just an over-all 
feeling of wellness.
The last 2 days
i wake-up feeling pretty darn good!

We totally stopped eating out at the
restaurants like  
over the summer.

Found 2 
that we're on the 
Now we are down to 
which we go to on Saturday nights.
They buy everything from local farmers.
(one being his uncles farm).
The owner/chef
is always there.
They're the best place
*to date* 
found to eat out.

The last year has been a big struggle 
for both of us, as far as 
cooking & eating

was concerned.
It got pretty bad.

We hated the thought of going to the grocery store.
We ate "healthy"
only at these 2 restaurants.
but, that was getting expensive.

~ Then ~

we came across this guy in Costco
doing the Vita-mix demo.
It was a god-send
what i like to think of as a 
i'm sure she is looking down on us
with a huge smile.

Jamie loved this 
as well as 
Organic is the way 
we will continue to eat.
I love how everything we purchased
the 2nd half of last week
as fresh as when we bought it.

I'd like to thank Dan
from youtube
for sharing his info
that is helping so many others.
He's the first person i found when 
starting my research.

a special thank you to

for a gift that is coming in very handy 

And all of the wonderful people over on facebook
who are sharing their info.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

~ PS ~

I had just got out of bed and ran for the fruits & veggies
and started washing and tossing into the VM
to take photos
(i was hungry).

it was just 
~ green ~
~ cold ~ 

it made two
16oz glasses.
Jamie downed his.
I drank mine 
8 oz's
@ a time.
It was D-lish!



Janice said...

You so totally rock!! Aren't green smoothies amazing!!?? And isn't it also amazing how good you can feel? Shocked me. This weekend I have eaten some cooked food (and meat) and just don't feel so great...tummy aches a bit, not moving stuff through as quickly. ugh. my body is totally not used to this and is letting me know. I made nut mylk again this weekend, will post about it in a minute. :)

Stormy said...

Hey Janice!

Yes ~ green smoothies rock!
I can't believe how much Jamie thinks so too ~ THAT is so crazy! :)

I think i will always eat chicken breast meat. I eat very small amounts.
I have it on salads, and sometimes with an almond crust made with EVOO; sometimes just spiced.

Burgers & chops i can do without.
Steak, ehh... ATM, does not sound good; but once in a blue moon we'll buy one; i eat no more than a 1.5x2" piece usually.

I hope you feel better soon!
Off to read yr blog.


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