One of those places...

I find my 'calm'.

 It's time
to take care of

I've  neglected to do so for 2 long.

@ this moment,
i am 
leaving the chaos

Give it a try.

a little
never hurt anyone.


Happy Thanksgiving!

It's just Jamie & me today.
The turkey will go in to the oven at approx 3pm.
He took advantage of the
"warm weather"
(temp in the 50's)
and hopped on the bike for a ride.

I told him to "go 4 it; I would do the laundry & cleaning
while he was away."
Tomorrow, he
*in return*
will paint the bathroom
i didn't manage to get done ~ (he has Friday off).
He said  "i was going to surprise you and do this anyway"...
i told him "he can still
surprise me 
by having it all done and cleaned up by the time i get home." hehe..

Have a wonderful day!


Sundays work

I was in a fog half the day today.
I never left the house.
I really hate how early it gets dark this time of year

I've had a mild nagging head/neck ache all day.
But did manage to get these earrings made.

They were all tumbled for an hour
or so
and will be tumbled a
few more hours, until.

The labradorite earrings went in a direction all their own.
I took this photo under my OTT-Lite --
the stone is not that blue!

The "paisley" ? shaped earrings had a mind of their own.
They started out in a shape
i've not
done nor' seen
but the torch grabbed a-hold
and the ball started roll-in...

The hoops were a last minute thing. 

 The lab earrings will be oxidized tomorrow 

The hoops will stay silver.

The other pair. . .

i'm not
  sure yet.

PS ~ the temp is 29* degrees F



Yada yada

I haven't blogged since last week (as u can see) ...was a busy week.

~ Jewelry-wise ~
this is all i got done today. 
bezel settings for these marque cut labradorite stones.
(they have much more blue flash than you see here)

they will be earrings, that may be placed upon 18g earwire/hoops. 
Just pulled the silver from the pickle for a quick pic.

I'm enjoying a cuppa coffee atm.

We are doing our usual Saturday night dinner out.
Jamie is picking up the tab tonight.
It's an early b-day dinner.

I think i will pack a few more items
when we return home.

Cut away the un-wanted backplate from those pieces.

Move a small storage cabinet out of this room as well.
I need the space for the
inversion table, so i dont have
  to pull it out from the corner every-time i want to use it.

And maybe, just
i will start painting the upstairs bath.
We'll see.

Hope all is well with everyone.

~ Later


Finished "Come to my Window" Necklace

I'm happy with the way it came out.
It's now in my shop.

I feel like crap today.
Gotta get out for a while.

Have a nice Sunday


"Come to my Window...

Crawl inside, wait by the light
of the moon"

It's not finished.
I need to tumble, oxidize, etc.
wait for an order of chains to arrive.
The cab



A few Yoga moves & babble

A bookmark 4 me
( or anyone who cares to click here )
for quick access -- as well as a reminder
because i forget 
these days.

I had my Chiro appt. onTuesday
(as usual).
 for some reason it left my back, balls of my shoulders, and upper arms
in severe pain.
it started once i got home
and lasted thru late last nite.

Today (Thursday) I'm totally exhausted from it.
although, the pain seems to be down to a 4
 (10 being the worst)
my energy level is roughly a 3
(10 being the best)
although, i haven't seen a "10" in ...
...i can't remember.

I've been experiencing  this since the "whiplash" accident
7+ years ago.
Some weeks are ok ~ others totally suck.

I've learned to "deal".
Maybe 2 much.
PT over the years has done nothing for me.
although one *back* exercise done on the floor, does help.
The inversion table helps for certain pain as well.

i'm thinking
my chiro is un-locking
some of the areas i've kept
"locked up"
for all of these years.
There4, things are being un-thawed so to speak ?
That's my hope anyway.
i will talk to her more about this next week.
One thing that may have been over-looked
the small problem disc between my shoulder-blades.
That's where *this* pain started.

Stress "locks" me up.
As i sit here
i have to keep trying to pay attention to my shoulders.
they are always in *stress mode*
(being pulled upward)
even if i'm not feeling stressed.
I've been told i am slightly
(one shoulder sits higher than the other)

I often day-dream
about the day we will move away.
to a warmer climate.
free of the cold and the stress that aggravates
my muscles & keeps me so tense.
free to live out the rest of our lives
enjoying the happier things life has to offer.
enjoying each other
like the "old days".

I fight this
day after day.
i keep telling myself
will NOT
beat me!

most days i am able to ignore *it*
and keep truckin on-ward.

some days i want to
"throw in the towel"

other days i ask
the universe 
 please, me from this pain!

This is just a
"get it off my chest"
no need to comment.


Bezel Cups & Stone Shots

Just thought i'd post a few pics from Sunday 
b4 a phone call 
rained on the rest of my evening.

Even though i'm not crazy about working with small stones
This 7mm bezel cup, is as small as i will go.
for now.

A smiley face appeared inside when pulled from the pickle.  
I found that to be a lit-tle strange.

I found 
 that a pencil eraser
works well
for wrapping a 7mm bezel.

A few of my 
favorite stones

This one reminds me of the snow covered 
Vermont mountains.

 This turquoise is a beautiful blend of
blues & greens
~It's gorgeous~

This Moss Agate below is 
It takes my breath away.

It's one that needs to be seen in person
to appreciate the gor-jus-nus.

Below is an etsy find.

Once I saw the 
"Woman on the Edge"
 I had to have this stone!
I love love love this one as well.

 How freak-in cool is that ?
She looks like she's
on the 
in her 
Saturday Nite 
"party dress".
Her hair is not as high as it looks 
in this photo.
Although, she is sporting quite 
the doo'!

I named
"the  unknown / un-fabricated piece"
b4 the stone left it's etsy shop!
I find it amazing...
it's just


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