A little news and a link for you

Things have been
crazy around here 
for the last few months
and will continue to be
for at least another
but i just wanted to
stop in and post a link
i think everyone can benefit from.


i can't even remember the last time
i sat at my workbench 
to create a piece of jewelry
but i plan on doing 
so this weekend!

the "news" is
i'm going to be a grandmomma!
my 26 yr old baby is having a baby!
she's due in feb.
she will be 1 year older than i was
when i gave birth to her.
this was taken about a month ago.
we find out the sex of the baby
on tuesday.

i hope everyone had a wonderful summer -
mine is a complete blur!

grab your self a nice cuppa 
sit back, relax, and watch this.
because you matter.

here's the link


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