a quickie with a pic

It's after midnight and i'm exhausted,

 so i thought i'd do a quick update.

I've had the progressive lense eye-glasses for a little over a year & a half 
(which i don't think my eyes ever totally adjusted too).

For the last month or 2, i've been taking them off a LOT, thinking they needed cleaning, because trying to focus on things just hasn't been easy. 

Last night, after my shower, i decided to look closer in the mirror while wearing them, and noticed one eye looked different from the other. 

So i grabbed my cheap reading glasses 
(the pr i wear at my laptop) 
to see if anything was different with them, and the answer was no.
I covered my left eye 
(which was my "good eye" at my last exam),... then my right; now, the "good eye" was seeing things in *blur*.
Today while driving i kept checking at different distances, and came to the conclusion, i need a NEW script, already! ~  Ugh!!
The pr i'm wearing cost just over $500
F-I-V-E  hundred!

and are NOTHING special!

So Monday morning I will call the dr's office to see what they will charge for another exam.
I'll make some phone-calls to compare and go from there.

The thought of paying for another pair so soon, makes my stomach hurt.
I can keep the frames i have, and just have new lenses made, depending on where i go.
Thing is... once i could actually SEE myself wearing these, i wasn't crazy about how they looked on me.

I told the last place I went, they need to start putting MAGNIFYING mirrors on the wall so people can actually SEE what they look like - duh!
Get a clue - Sheeesh!!

Anyway... i messed up the bezel on the last ring i *almost* finished,
but was able to save the band, and made this ring Jamie named 
"Sweet Embrace"

Two stacked drops of molten silver
wrapped in a budded vine
~ reminiscent ~
of a 
 "Sweet Embrace"

I'll list it in my shop tomorrow.

I think i'll check-in to bed early tonight.
I'm exhausted and a lit-tle cranky 
can ya tell ?

P.S ~ I just re-read the title of this post ~
I told you i'm tired! 

"Wild Thing"

It's after 1am, ... i'm sitting here thinking about giving the ring i'll be listing over the weekend, 
a name,

song jumped out at me!
I was only... ummm.. lets just say VERY young at the time, haha...
but, i do remember hearing my older sisters & brothers playing it.

   "It is all about how a certain girl had made such a positive impact on the band's main singer ~ It was their most famous hit"

Do YOU remember this song from the 60's? 

She was oxidized & brushed back

5 times... 

a total of 6 hours...

~ Wild Thing ~


Studio Space Moved - Pic

Well, the other room got painted 
(in 3 hours top to bottom
while Jamie relaxed & napped after work.

He got up, came upstairs and said, 
"what did you do"!

I tapped into his thoughts and heard --
"i can't believe she did the whole free-kin room while i napped...Yes!!" hehe

Last night after dinner, we made the
(i am so glad i had my chiropractor appt. today)

My work bench is in place but, the room is not in order yet.
My shelf & peg board will not
be re-hung until after we move in the Spring.
I'll make do with what I have.

The yard sale shelf fits nicely on the back 
of the bench, where Jamie had left an opening for the window in the other room.
It needs a fresh coat of paint.

This room will be painted soon as well...
~ then ~

upstairs bath



what did i get myself into!!

The 4 glass containers you see on the shelf, i purchased at Walmart 
@ $1.99 a piece for scraps, findings, etc.
 i went in looking for baby food size jars with lids 
w/no luck.
I may have to buy the baby food fruits, and eat my way there, haha.

Will post more "studio" pic's when the room is in order.


Work in progress --- with update!

Hope to finish this piece tomorrow.
11g half round works much better
for the band.

Another room calls for paint
 which will be started




 cleaned up & stone set

It's now in the tumbler.

Now i'm off to clean this room up and get ready for ANOTHER coat of paint.
The color we first went with is a creamy off white 
(toooo creamy for the  *apartment white*).

SO, ...we just went with white.
Once this room is done, we will be doing a  
my studio will go into what is now the bedroom.
The bathroom & studio will get the paint next.
I can't wait until all the painting is done!!!!

Lesson learned --- NEVER paint EVERY room in an apartment
just because the landlord says "OK, as long as it all goes back to white"...
a few of the blogs i follow have convinced me, W-H-I-T-E can look really nice!

I hope to get the ring in my shop Monday Sunday Oct. 25th


Just touching base...

  I wont go into the usual 
"this week was busy"  
thang...just assume,  because,
it's always this way!

I need a double, (no, not a drink)
Couldn't we all use a double at times?

I had my physical 
(if you can call it that
on Tuesday.

I also setup an appointment with a chiropractor I used to see 7-8 years ago, for Tuesday next week.
I was thrilled to hear she now does deep tissue massage 
(which i need desperately)

We attended a nephews wedding on Saturday, which was nice...

 Penny (the bride) started to giggle 
here & there during the ceremony and ended with a 
giggle at the end... 
it was pretty cute; got everyone in the church giggling too  :)

The reception was 10 minutes up the road.
I haven't had a "drink" in ...hmmm... lets go with 
3 years.
I started out with 1 beer and ended somewhere around 5-6 (maybe 7).

I always drink beer on ice, so it actually boiled-down to 3 1/2 (maybe 4).
Either way, I had a good time, but no more alcohol for me!

Jamie doesn't drink alcohol so we made it home safe & sound.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling fine; my first thought was 
"phew, no hangover, or even a headache", 
which is strange for me.
  By Sunday night, my stomach started acting weird, like a stomach bug was coming on. 
I felt like crap all week.

At this point I do feel better, but the 
is still lingering,
a little. 

I started a ring... it's sitting on the side_lines waiting for me to get the energy to finish. Who knows, I may get a burst of energy after my shower...

The band has been formed, soldered, filed etc.
The bezel cut & soldered.
I still need to cut the backplate.

I'll post pics when finished.

I need a shower and some cocoa...
I will then go back and read a few blogs.

Hope everyone is well.


My first bezel set ring

It's not good enough for me, to put in my shop.
I am happy with it, being *my first*.

The band is 14g half round wire, which is thin for a band on a ring this size but it's the thickest gauge i have atm.

I oxidized the whole thing ~ rubbing back on the band, underside, and buds; leaving the bezel much darker 
(it's a little hard to see in the photos)
The dark bezel makes the colors in the ring pop...although I may rub it back to match the rest of the ring (not sure yet).
She was tumbled for shine but that may change as well. I may go back and give her a dull brushed finish.
I'll be wearing this one. 

Hopefully the next one will be good enough to go into my shop.


It was good practice. 
I learned a few things NOT to do next time around.
Looking forward to my next piece. :)

Forgot to add, it's an ocean jasper stone.


Finally able to comment on ALL blogs!

I finally figured out how to post on those blogs I wasn't able too ~

By accepting 3rd party cookies!

So if anyone else is having this problem 
you could try changing your settings.

I use Firefox so, I went to 


clicked on *options*  


 checked the box that says
"accept 3rd party cookies"

 "until they expire",

to the right click on *exceptions*

  type in 

click close 


That's it!

IE should be similar I would think.


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