The Package

finally made it!
Yesterday evening.

On his way home tonight ...
Jamie stopped at the organic store
(i forget the name)
and picked up ...

*grape juice concentrate*

*frozen strawberries*



*red seedless grapes*





~ After dinner ~

we washed everything
tossed a little of
into the

~ no measuring ~


It was SO GOOD!!!
You would NEVER guess in a million years
this had veggies in it!


Janice said...

YUM! Fabulously yummy!!! Congrats on your new Vita-Mix!! You will NEVER be sorry you purchased it. :)

Stormy said...

Janice ~ I've never seen Jamie LOVE fruits & veggies! He always gets enough fiber, and does o-k with some veggies but, not at all w/fruit.

NOW, he will get plenty!
He loved this recipe AND he did the shopping for it to boot! I'm so excited to finally see him excited about F&V's :)

Thanks again for the lovely gift you sent! It's going to get plenty of use!
You're a sweet ♥

Willow Branch said...

Sounds yummy. A friend of mine has a Vita Mix & loves it!! Quite an investment in the beginning, but she's been using almost everyday for about 4 years.


Anonymous said...

It sounded great until you threw in the cabbage, even tho' I love cabbage, but with all that fruit...I dunno. Glad you enjoyed it.

Stormy said...

Sassy ~ honestly, you do not even taste the cabbage. You can toss in whatever you like.
If i have time in the morning, i'm going to try a 'greener' juice with less fruit.
If not, Saturday morning...

Stormy said...

BTW ~ This was the first time we purchased organic cabbage ~ there is NO comparison to the kind you get at the grocery store. I couldn't believe how much better it was -- it had flavor!!
The cost was even a little less & it had color all the way through; unlike the others.


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