My Studio - - A work-in-progress

some of you may remember
studio pics
i posted a while back 
we moved in.
i've been procrastinating 
a bit
(due to my neck & back issues)
for what
seems like 4-ever
this past week

i decided to start tackling
the room

b4 pics

the bag of scrapped wood
used to be
the white shelf on my little
work bench/table

it was just 2 big
for my space.

this is what i decided 
to keep
once i smashed it
with my x-large craftsman hammer

i'm not sure what i'm going to do with these 
3 drawers & bottom shelf

this cabinet below was white
to begin with
(as u can see above)
an unfinished white.
so ...
i put the door back on.

 gave it a fresh coat of
a very light gray
then a very dark gray

 then a sort-of aqua blue
then primer
then behr
"decorator white"
(in eggshell)
from home depot.
i was happy.
it's waiting to be sanded
a little.
just around the edges.
the scrap wood in front 
i bought from a salvage shop.

i love
the blue & gray paint/stain
left along the edge.
these will be used some-where
in the apartment.
not sure where just yet.

the rt 133 sign 
is the one i mentioned in a previous post.

my antique bench/table on the right
(the 1 jamie said ... " i can't believe you slapped paint on that!)
has gotten some of the same 
"decorator white"
in a semi-gloss
(it's going to be my sewing table)
i've started to distress  the table some.

this is the desk/sewing table from the pic above.
jamie was kind enough to take the black
paint off the top today.
the bottom got the same white
in semi-gloss.

it's my work-bench now
(or will be once it's done).

i still have to decide 
if the top will be left in it's
un-finished state
 something else.
**wonders why jamie never said a word about this one!**

more pic's to come later.
once it's all finished
(most likely)

2 da loo!

i have new plans for my etsy shop.
the first step was taken last night.

also ~ there's something else i'm working on as well.
but i don't want to get ahead of myself
i'm not going to mention that 
just yet.


Road Trip

2 weeks ago 
we drove down to see my daughter.
she recommended this place for lunch
we had lunch in the back
near this pond
full of 
gold fish.

the food was very good!
(sorry, 4got pics)

after lunch
we took a walk thru 
a little near-by town.

we stopped 
and got ice cream
while we were there.

walking by an antique shop
i spotted
these very cool scissors!
no idea what they would have been used for.
any ideas?
to bad 
the shop was closed!

looks like he was willing to
for the scissors
but, i passed.

water shots
were a drive-by



Sunday Treasury

On Sunday
I received a
letting me know
that my
had been included
in this

"Love It or Leaf It"

~ Etsy Treasury ~ 

a big 

Thank You 


Suzanne @ EarthlyBaubles

for including my ring.



p.s -

for the life of me...  

i could not

get the "caps" off

on the 2nd half of this post!  




How often does this happen ?

Our new address # is 233

 my daughters new address # is 233
~ and ~

 the house jamie 
is working on 



all in different towns!

( i didn't know about jamies job until i mentioned my daughters # to him recently )

very interesting
quite strange!


More Work from My Bench

2 pieces 
in a few hours
is a 
world record
4 me.

i created a while back
( they sold in my shop)
~ i adored ~
so much

so i decided to make
not a great day for photos
but this will have to do for now.


i awoke this morning
feeling the need to re-write this post.

~ hormones get the better of me these days ~
(i can't wait until this stuff passes!)

~ edit ~

i've been feeling
out of sorts
  a lot lately.
thinking about my
who's still here.
who's passed on...
a family as large as mine
we rarely communicate

 1 sister & 2 brothers
have passed.

2 live out of state.
1 brother i'm not sure about.
(sad, i know)
he has always kept his distance
for reasons unknown.

4 of us live within 30 minutes of each other. 
and should be connecting
more than we do.

there's work to be done!

"the walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keep out the joy" 
- jim rohn


Weekend Road Trip - photos

Jamie & I
spent some 
on saturday.

we drove up 2

 on the drive there
we stopped at the waterbury 

i purchased this 
very curvy 
old chair for $12!

she'll be 
sanded back
(sometime soon)

i also bought an old
black & white
Vermont Rt 133 sign
("from the 50's")
they're no longer 

i bought it because Rt 133 runs thru
the town my mom was born.

I also purchased this slightly imperfect coffee cup
@ the festival
it's so cute...
love the no-handle!

2 of these after my 32oz smoothie
and i'm good to go.

and this...

we stopped here on our way home

i took this rock home.
i think it looks like a fossil of sorts.
jamie says " a coconut fossil"..


~ it was a beautiful day ~


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