What I'll be doing for the next 11 weeks!

I've been a member at
for a while now
but I've not been a part of their
11 week initiatives
until now.
i've been 
"getting my greens on"
for 1.5 years now
figured it was time to go to the next level.
i don't need to lose weight, so i'll be in the
vault only 
for this.

check out their site if you're interested in 
"getting the glow"!


Weathered Patina - Enameled Earrings

inspired by 
the antique door-plate 
a gorgeous weathered patina 
(photo 2)

I've gotta get this off my chest....

i just came across a shop on etsy
that does metalwork...

this person has a photo in a listing
where she shows her cat sitting in her
work bench 
"sweeps dust drawer"
a boat-load of metal dust!
comments on it like it's cute!

seeing this
made my heart sink
made me angry!

how could someone NOT know
this is harmful to their pet!?!

i sent this person a convo
asking them to
"please rethink letting their beautiful cat do this"!
went on to say

if you licked your hands
and wiped your eyes
after working with your metal
how that would harm you!"

i just don't get it.
how can some people be so 
: -(
i did stop and think
about whether i should send
the convo.
my heart took over before
i could give it any more thought.


If you judge people...

you have no time 
to love them. 
 - Mother Teresa


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