Catching up

Christmas was real nice ~
even with the last minute shopping.

As i mentioned in a previous post,
Jamie & I
purchased the Vitamix
that was *suppose* 2b
THE gift.
The only gift
each other this year.

Jamie went shopping anyway...
i found out last minute, so i ended up running out the day b4 Christmas eve.

The gift from him was a new
Nikon Coolpix S570 Camera.
Similar to the one i was going to purchase myself that week
he told me
"it was sold out."
I love this thing!
The video quality is SO much better than my old camera, and the
run time is like 90 minutes!
The photos are SO much nicer as well. 
I'll have to take some new jewelery pics and post them soon.

My daughter had a few places to be that day, so she stopped here first.
She gave me a sterling silver blue sapphire pendant necklace
with  little white sapphires crawling up the chain.
I don't wear necklaces
once she put this one on me, i fell in love.
Something about it...

i made.
her a chunky turquoise ring with a cigar band
~ she loved it ~

Other items we got her were for her new apartment.
A vacuum, towels, shower curtain etc.

I made 3 pr of earrings for family.
The Labradorite earrings i posted a while back
were for my sister inlaw.
The 2 pair below were for my nieces.
Both married with kids of their own.
Distressed & Oxidized
Sterling Silver
Red Brass
roughly 1" round.


 Both pics were taken last minute
(with my old camera)
and little time to edit
they're not great pics.
I do love the way the earrings turned out.

Wishing U all 
a wonderful
~ 2010 ~


Janice said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday. :-) I'm not big on 'resolutions' but I always feel like January is a nice symbol of renewal and fresh starts.Here's to 2010!!!

Stormy said...

Hi Janice ~
January is the perfect time for renewal & fresh starts! :)

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

What beautiful earrings! They are lucky ladies...have a Happy New Year!

Stormy said...

Hi Millie ~
Wishing you a Happy New Year as well! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas...congrats on the new camera and the earrings are lovely. Happy New Year!

Blogger said...

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