a quickie with a pic

It's after midnight and i'm exhausted,

 so i thought i'd do a quick update.

I've had the progressive lense eye-glasses for a little over a year & a half 
(which i don't think my eyes ever totally adjusted too).

For the last month or 2, i've been taking them off a LOT, thinking they needed cleaning, because trying to focus on things just hasn't been easy. 

Last night, after my shower, i decided to look closer in the mirror while wearing them, and noticed one eye looked different from the other. 

So i grabbed my cheap reading glasses 
(the pr i wear at my laptop) 
to see if anything was different with them, and the answer was no.
I covered my left eye 
(which was my "good eye" at my last exam),... then my right; now, the "good eye" was seeing things in *blur*.
Today while driving i kept checking at different distances, and came to the conclusion, i need a NEW script, already! ~  Ugh!!
The pr i'm wearing cost just over $500
F-I-V-E  hundred!

and are NOTHING special!

So Monday morning I will call the dr's office to see what they will charge for another exam.
I'll make some phone-calls to compare and go from there.

The thought of paying for another pair so soon, makes my stomach hurt.
I can keep the frames i have, and just have new lenses made, depending on where i go.
Thing is... once i could actually SEE myself wearing these, i wasn't crazy about how they looked on me.

I told the last place I went, they need to start putting MAGNIFYING mirrors on the wall so people can actually SEE what they look like - duh!
Get a clue - Sheeesh!!

Anyway... i messed up the bezel on the last ring i *almost* finished,
but was able to save the band, and made this ring Jamie named 
"Sweet Embrace"

Two stacked drops of molten silver
wrapped in a budded vine
~ reminiscent ~
of a 
 "Sweet Embrace"

I'll list it in my shop tomorrow.

I think i'll check-in to bed early tonight.
I'm exhausted and a lit-tle cranky 
can ya tell ?

P.S ~ I just re-read the title of this post ~
I told you i'm tired! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Stormy, sorry to hear ar=bout your glasses. The new ring is darling! How did you blur your hand and not the ring in that pic?

Anonymous said...

Love the did a great job with blurry glasses. I need a new exam and glasses also - why do we always put off the things we need the mostest!

Stormy said...

Hi Lisa, I use picasa3 for my photo editing. I just did the search for it, and see they have 3.5 now ~ here's the link

We women do seem to do that all to often don't we sas? The $$ is the reason i tried to ignore it this time around.

Stormy said...

Lisa, i forgot to add it's the "soft focus" feature, under *effects*

Willow Branch said...

That ring is just precious & so unusual. It's the perfect little ring, but it has so much personality in that little thing.
Sorry about your glasses, hope it works out.


ps I love the burring too.

Stormy said...

Thanks Pam!

It was a pain to get decent photos, for some reason -- but they're done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stormy


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