My first bezel set ring

It's not good enough for me, to put in my shop.
I am happy with it, being *my first*.

The band is 14g half round wire, which is thin for a band on a ring this size but it's the thickest gauge i have atm.

I oxidized the whole thing ~ rubbing back on the band, underside, and buds; leaving the bezel much darker 
(it's a little hard to see in the photos)
The dark bezel makes the colors in the ring pop...although I may rub it back to match the rest of the ring (not sure yet).
She was tumbled for shine but that may change as well. I may go back and give her a dull brushed finish.
I'll be wearing this one. 

Hopefully the next one will be good enough to go into my shop.


It was good practice. 
I learned a few things NOT to do next time around.
Looking forward to my next piece. :)

Forgot to add, it's an ocean jasper stone.


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

It's wonderful! Especially for a first! Looks like you got the hang of it.

Willow Branch said...

That is a great ring...especially for your first. Are you sure this is your first one?? I love that stone, but I have a soft spot for OJ.


Stormy said...

Tammy, I seem to be getting the hang of it :)

Willow, it's my first bezet set ring.
The first bezel was much easier, using an oval stone. I found the shape of this stone harder to work with.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! It becomes very addicting.

Stormy said...

Thanks Sassy!

Anonymous said...

Well Done!!!! If you are starting off this strong, you will have the prettiest bezels in town after a little more practice! Wow.

Stormy said...

Thanks for the kind words Lisa!

You guys are great!


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