Just touching base...

  I wont go into the usual 
"this week was busy"  
thang...just assume,  because,
it's always this way!

I need a double, (no, not a drink)
Couldn't we all use a double at times?

I had my physical 
(if you can call it that
on Tuesday.

I also setup an appointment with a chiropractor I used to see 7-8 years ago, for Tuesday next week.
I was thrilled to hear she now does deep tissue massage 
(which i need desperately)

We attended a nephews wedding on Saturday, which was nice...

 Penny (the bride) started to giggle 
here & there during the ceremony and ended with a 
giggle at the end... 
it was pretty cute; got everyone in the church giggling too  :)

The reception was 10 minutes up the road.
I haven't had a "drink" in ...hmmm... lets go with 
3 years.
I started out with 1 beer and ended somewhere around 5-6 (maybe 7).

I always drink beer on ice, so it actually boiled-down to 3 1/2 (maybe 4).
Either way, I had a good time, but no more alcohol for me!

Jamie doesn't drink alcohol so we made it home safe & sound.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling fine; my first thought was 
"phew, no hangover, or even a headache", 
which is strange for me.
  By Sunday night, my stomach started acting weird, like a stomach bug was coming on. 
I felt like crap all week.

At this point I do feel better, but the 
is still lingering,
a little. 

I started a ring... it's sitting on the side_lines waiting for me to get the energy to finish. Who knows, I may get a burst of energy after my shower...

The band has been formed, soldered, filed etc.
The bezel cut & soldered.
I still need to cut the backplate.

I'll post pics when finished.

I need a shower and some cocoa...
I will then go back and read a few blogs.

Hope everyone is well.


Pixie's Purpose said...

Glad to know that you are still out there and having a great time. :)

Stormy said...

Hi Pixi!
I tried the link to the other site you work on and it doesn't work for me ~ what gives?

Glad to see you're still around as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Stormy. I hope you are feeling better today.

Stormy said...

I am Lisa, thanks!

I think it was the multi-vitamins i was taking...they may have gone bad, even though the date was 2010.
I brought them back today.


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