Work in progress --- with update!

Hope to finish this piece tomorrow.
11g half round works much better
for the band.

Another room calls for paint
 which will be started




 cleaned up & stone set

It's now in the tumbler.

Now i'm off to clean this room up and get ready for ANOTHER coat of paint.
The color we first went with is a creamy off white 
(toooo creamy for the  *apartment white*).

SO, ...we just went with white.
Once this room is done, we will be doing a  
my studio will go into what is now the bedroom.
The bathroom & studio will get the paint next.
I can't wait until all the painting is done!!!!

Lesson learned --- NEVER paint EVERY room in an apartment
just because the landlord says "OK, as long as it all goes back to white"...
a few of the blogs i follow have convinced me, W-H-I-T-E can look really nice!

I hope to get the ring in my shop Monday Sunday Oct. 25th


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I LOVE it! I especially like the little dandelion looking flower thingy on it!

novadesigns said...

you're been productive! I agree with Tammy, that dandelion thing is awesome. Great job!

Stormy said...


I'm trying to decide if i want the brushed finish or the super shiny tumbled finish...i'm so tired from painting, i'll have to decide when i get home tomorrow night.

Willow Branch said...

Wow!!! That ring is awesome!!! You're moving right along.

Painting. I. Hate. Painting. I enjoy the process watching the transformation, but I hate the prep work.


Anonymous said...

It is gorgeous Stormy! Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Very the stone and the setting...great job.

Stormy said...

Thanks everyone! ♥

Today was a full day -- too late for photos... i can't believe it's getting dark just after 6pm now!


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