Studio Space Moved - Pic

Well, the other room got painted 
(in 3 hours top to bottom
while Jamie relaxed & napped after work.

He got up, came upstairs and said, 
"what did you do"!

I tapped into his thoughts and heard --
"i can't believe she did the whole free-kin room while i napped...Yes!!" hehe

Last night after dinner, we made the
(i am so glad i had my chiropractor appt. today)

My work bench is in place but, the room is not in order yet.
My shelf & peg board will not
be re-hung until after we move in the Spring.
I'll make do with what I have.

The yard sale shelf fits nicely on the back 
of the bench, where Jamie had left an opening for the window in the other room.
It needs a fresh coat of paint.

This room will be painted soon as well...
~ then ~

upstairs bath



what did i get myself into!!

The 4 glass containers you see on the shelf, i purchased at Walmart 
@ $1.99 a piece for scraps, findings, etc.
 i went in looking for baby food size jars with lids 
w/no luck.
I may have to buy the baby food fruits, and eat my way there, haha.

Will post more "studio" pic's when the room is in order.


Anonymous said...

The room looks so spacious and bright! I know what you mean, once you paint one room, the others always follow. I was working out in my studio yesterday thinking it need a paint job. It is still painted a different pastel color on earch wall from when I ran my day care business! It is a "happy" room :)

Stormy said...

Lisa, the bright you see is the flash from my camera. The pic was taken after dark.
Once i get the room in order, i'll take some day-time pics.

I hope i have a decent size studio space when we move in the spring!

Fresh color is always nice ~ in a work-out room 4 sure! Go for it!
Then post pics ;)

Willow Branch said...

Wow!! Nice studio. You can roll from one side to the other...fun!!


Stormy said...

I figured that out today Pam ~ my other chair may never get used, lol.


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