"Wild Thing"

It's after 1am, ... i'm sitting here thinking about giving the ring i'll be listing over the weekend, 
a name,

song jumped out at me!
I was only... ummm.. lets just say VERY young at the time, haha...
but, i do remember hearing my older sisters & brothers playing it.

   "It is all about how a certain girl had made such a positive impact on the band's main singer ~ It was their most famous hit"

Do YOU remember this song from the 60's? 

She was oxidized & brushed back

5 times... 

a total of 6 hours...

~ Wild Thing ~


Anonymous said...

I remember the song well and again, the ring is outstanding.

Stormy said...

Hey Lisa!
Even tho i was very young, that song has stuck with me all these years ~ still gets me in "the groove".

The ring changes color ever so slightly, as it moves. It was hard to capture in the photos but, the oxidized center has a blue hue' at certain angles, and dark charcoal on others. I brushed the outer edge to show more silver; i'm real happy with the way she turned out.

mary jane said...

i do not remember the song, but i ADORE the ring! sooooo pretty


Stormy said...

Thanks mj!

José said...


Yeah, I do like this song.
Here's one of my favourites from that time, but unplugged: "The Jocker"

Kind regards,


I usually don't post links, but I guess this time it's ok ?

Willow Branch said...

Stormy, that is just lovely. It reminds me of a swan. The saong always makes me want to be a little bad.


Stormy said...

José ~ thanks for sharing that version of "The Joker", i like it!

Stormy said...

Thanks Pam :)

lol @ being "a little bad"...i hear ya! ;)

Natural esSCENTials said...

LOVE the ring! And the name is perfect...and of course the song brings back memories (:

Stormy said...

Thanks NE! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it - the name fits the ring and the ring turned out beautiful...way to go!!

Stormy said...

Thanks Sas!


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