Bezel Cups & Stone Shots

Just thought i'd post a few pics from Sunday 
b4 a phone call 
rained on the rest of my evening.

Even though i'm not crazy about working with small stones
This 7mm bezel cup, is as small as i will go.
for now.

A smiley face appeared inside when pulled from the pickle.  
I found that to be a lit-tle strange.

I found 
 that a pencil eraser
works well
for wrapping a 7mm bezel.

A few of my 
favorite stones

This one reminds me of the snow covered 
Vermont mountains.

 This turquoise is a beautiful blend of
blues & greens
~It's gorgeous~

This Moss Agate below is 
It takes my breath away.

It's one that needs to be seen in person
to appreciate the gor-jus-nus.

Below is an etsy find.

Once I saw the 
"Woman on the Edge"
 I had to have this stone!
I love love love this one as well.

 How freak-in cool is that ?
She looks like she's
on the 
in her 
Saturday Nite 
"party dress".
Her hair is not as high as it looks 
in this photo.
Although, she is sporting quite 
the doo'!

I named
"the  unknown / un-fabricated piece"
b4 the stone left it's etsy shop!
I find it amazing...
it's just


Willow Branch said...

I don't make small bezels either, but that a great tip about the eraser.

I love all of your new stones...the colors are scrumptious. "Woman on the Edge" is sooo cool. I bought a Montana Agate that has a sailboat in it. I'l be waiting impatiently to see what you do with these.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stones! I don't bother with bezels under 10mm, I purchase them ;P

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Love the smiley face in the pickle residue :) It's just saying "ha! little bezels are so tedious."
Beautiful stones you have there also.

Stormy said...

Pam ~ it may be a while, so don't hold yr breath. But who knows, that may change :)

Lisa, i think i will be doing the same :P

SCJ, i agree ~ very tedious!

Anonymous said...

What a great tip about the eraser - I hate wrapping those little stones. The stones are gorgeous - I especially like the turquoise.


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