Yard Sale Update and Old Table Photos

Saturday's yard sale turned out pretty good. The start time was 8am, but people didn't start showing up until around 9:00, which is a switch from last year, when they were piling in before it was time.

So it was nice to be *awake* when dealing with sales. We packed it up shortly b4 2pm, just b4 it started to rain ~ No surprise there!

Jamie was up at 5:30am, bringing 2 of my work tables, a large craft folding table, and his overhead tent out to start setting up. I was up at 6:30, but had time to sit & enjoy a coffee on the sofa b4 going out, because he had brought just about EVERYTHING outside already (he's such a sweet heart) :)

The items that didn't sell, are going to goodwill tomorrow.

It's funny how last year, we *thought* we had put out everything we wanted to get rid of, and yet this year we had MORE than last year! It feels SO good to look around, and see the closets and basement cleared. We gave really good deals on everything we sold; a sort of "pay it forward" ~ so many people are in need this year, that it just felt like the right thing to do. The reward is in the smiles you get in return :)

The livingroom was in total chaos this many boxes came up from the basement Friday night, so Jamie pushed furniture out of the way. I thought this would be the perfect time to move furniture around a little...

In doing so, I snapped a few photos of an old "work table" we picked up last week at an antique shop near by. I have no idea how old it is, nor do I care ~ I just love how *beatup* it is!
At some point, Jamie will refinish the top, leaving the warped center and corners intact, and I will give the lower half an aged look with paint.
He hates when I want the room moved around, because I'm never really happy with it one way 4 long...the rooms here are just so odd shaped, I hate it. Anyway...I said "hold on, I wana snap a couple pics while the table is there", needless to say, I had to move quickly, lol.

Not the best pics, but here they are

The photo above looks like the backside is higher, but it's just the angle it was taken. The table is actually a maple stain color, not red ~ I think it's because I used the flash.

If only this little thing could talk ~ the stories she could tell! :)


XauXau said...


Just recently found your blog and this desk is wonderful! I would love to have such in my room!

By the way - I have tagged you here:

Enjoy! :)

Stormy said...

Hi XauXau,
Thanks 4 the tag & following my blog!
I'll get to the tagging by the weekend.

I can't comment on your blog.
~ I blogged about this problem on Friday, July 10 ~


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