Totally Spaced!

I totally spaced out ...the community yard sale is THIS weekend! We've had nothing but rain for over a month, so this was the last thing on my mind.
So, it's after 10pm Wednesday nite, and I am doing 5 large loads of laundry for the sale ~ it's my daughters clothing, she no longer wears. She was here a month or so ago going through it all... told me I could sell it at the GS or donate it, so what's left after the sale will be donated.

Everything else has been ready for 2 weeks now ~ I can't believe I spaced this out ~ of ALL things to do last minute *LAUNDRY*!

Jamie said he has no major plans tomorrow, and will do what's left. As of now, there is 1 in the dryer & 1 in the washer, with 3 more loads to be W&D ~ 1 is a quilt of hers, she no longer wants ~ the rest is clothes.
I sure am glad all of MY clothes went last year! ...which makes me realize...i need some new clothes ~ but I hate shopping!

We went to the antique shop yesterday and picked up the item we had payed for over the weekend ~ the other item I decided not to get, because I stopped at an antique shop near us, and fell in love with an old *beatup* work table they had instead.
I'll get pics as soon as I have a few minutes with decent daylight in the room.

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