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Sorry I haven't blogged yet this week..."the pain" has returned.
At this point, I just stretch as much as possible ~ have Jamie massage ~ and go 2 bed with the heating pad :(
I don't know how much more of this I can take!

I'll be calling the rheumatologist & a chiropractor I used to see years ago, in the morning.


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I'm so glad your Jamie is still enjoying his ring! YAY!

Pixie's Purpose said...

Sorry you hurt Stormy, I hope the pain goes away soon.

Stormy said...

Thanks Pix ♥

I feel a little better today ~ The pain gets worse around the time my period should be happening ~ I know when that is, because I get all the other symptoms (except the main one). I've been reading how menopause can trigger more pain then usual. My doc gave me a script (i asked for) for BHRT last week, before she left for vacation but, when I went to the pharmacy to pick them up, the dose was higher (she said it would be a very low dose), so I chickened out.
I'm going to call her office next week, and see if another doc can change the dose.


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