Smelling the Flowers

i took this photo on one of our drives ~ it's a vine ~ that's all i know
do you know what this flower is?

Jamie has gained 6 lbs in the last week! The tremors have slowed way down as well, so things are looking up! :)
He starts taking his anti-thyroid meds 3 times a day (instead of 2) this weekend (July 4).
He started working out again ~ slowly ~ and he has ALSO quit smoking! He started Chantax the day b4 he was put on the thyroid meds ~ he has NOT had a smoke since last Wed, which is unbelievable! He has tried many times in the past with no luck ~ I'm thrilled!

I've been having this strange feeling in my left hand/lower arm, that feels like someone is running a lit lighter an inch away from my skin. It started in my palm (on the fatty ball area yr thumb is connected too) and then started to move up my arm towards my elbow. It started last Friday, and comes on w/out notice ~ sometimes lasts a 1/2 hour, and sometimes it just comes and goes. Jamie thinks it may be a nerve thing. I've been dealing with shoulder/back/neck and left arm pain for years now, due to an accident; stress turns my muscles into concrete. I need to focus on stretching again, or I will be sorry and I know it... I tend to ignore pain until I can't move...I gotta stop doing that!

Oh... he also got a "return to work date" which is July 20th, unless something changes :)

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Pixie's Purpose said...

Glad to know that things are looking up for Jamie, you on the other hand... need to get to a Dr and have that checked out! It could just be a pinched nerve or it could be something more serious. Don't put it off, call them today! *hugs*


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