Weekend Update

The weekend seems to be a bit of a blur...a stressful/hormonal day today.
I keep hoping, as I go into *M*, that it will be a smooth transition ~ but it's been a roller coaster for the last 2 years ~ well, 10 years really but, who's counting?

Anyway...Saturday, I spent the day cleaning and playing around with a couple jewelry ideas. We went downtown to Burlington for dinner around 7ish, to try a new restaurant (for the 2nd time) called "Sweetwaters". I had a gorgonzola salad, w/raspberry vinaigrette & ranch on the side, topped with crispy almond chicken; the almonds looked like crispy corn flakes ~ it was the best chicken I have ever had!
Jamie got steak, pot's & fresh veggies, which he was totally happy with as well.

Yesterday (Sunday), we took the bike out for a few hours down route 7 ~ stopped at an antique shop we had not been in b4. They were having a holiday weekend sale...(more like a giveaway)...we purchased 1 item, and will be picking it up tomorrow (I'll post pic's). One other larger piece, I will decide on tomorrow when I see it again. I haven't been in the mood to shop in 4ever, and I want to make sure it's not going to be one of those *impulse* buys.

I oxidized the wrapped green amethyst, and decided the chain will be oxidized as well. I also oxidized a pair of larger ear wires to an *almost black*, and tumbled for a couple hours to a high shine ~ they're pretty I need something bright to hang from them.

I figured out what to do with the brass teardrops ~ they will get listed as soon as I get a few more pic's. I'm calling them

"Tears of Armor"

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Pixie's Purpose said...

Those are cool looking.

Sounds like you had fun and that Jamie's energy level is coming up. That is wonderful.

Can't wait to see what you got at the shop.


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