My Studio - - A work-in-progress

some of you may remember
studio pics
i posted a while back 
we moved in.
i've been procrastinating 
a bit
(due to my neck & back issues)
for what
seems like 4-ever
this past week

i decided to start tackling
the room

b4 pics

the bag of scrapped wood
used to be
the white shelf on my little
work bench/table

it was just 2 big
for my space.

this is what i decided 
to keep
once i smashed it
with my x-large craftsman hammer

i'm not sure what i'm going to do with these 
3 drawers & bottom shelf

this cabinet below was white
to begin with
(as u can see above)
an unfinished white.
so ...
i put the door back on.

 gave it a fresh coat of
a very light gray
then a very dark gray

 then a sort-of aqua blue
then primer
then behr
"decorator white"
(in eggshell)
from home depot.
i was happy.
it's waiting to be sanded
a little.
just around the edges.
the scrap wood in front 
i bought from a salvage shop.

i love
the blue & gray paint/stain
left along the edge.
these will be used some-where
in the apartment.
not sure where just yet.

the rt 133 sign 
is the one i mentioned in a previous post.

my antique bench/table on the right
(the 1 jamie said ... " i can't believe you slapped paint on that!)
has gotten some of the same 
"decorator white"
in a semi-gloss
(it's going to be my sewing table)
i've started to distress  the table some.

this is the desk/sewing table from the pic above.
jamie was kind enough to take the black
paint off the top today.
the bottom got the same white
in semi-gloss.

it's my work-bench now
(or will be once it's done).

i still have to decide 
if the top will be left in it's
un-finished state
 something else.
**wonders why jamie never said a word about this one!**

more pic's to come later.
once it's all finished
(most likely)

2 da loo!

i have new plans for my etsy shop.
the first step was taken last night.

also ~ there's something else i'm working on as well.
but i don't want to get ahead of myself
i'm not going to mention that 
just yet.


Willow Branch said...

Very cool!!!! Don't you just love repainting something that is so tired?? It can totally change to look of a piece of furniture & much cheaper than buying something new. It's really coming along. Very, very pretty!!!


nat said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! so sad that you don't have your old screen door still:(

p.s. your studio re-do is looking great!


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