Road Trip

2 weeks ago 
we drove down to see my daughter.
she recommended this place for lunch
we had lunch in the back
near this pond
full of 
gold fish.

the food was very good!
(sorry, 4got pics)

after lunch
we took a walk thru 
a little near-by town.

we stopped 
and got ice cream
while we were there.

walking by an antique shop
i spotted
these very cool scissors!
no idea what they would have been used for.
any ideas?
to bad 
the shop was closed!

looks like he was willing to
for the scissors
but, i passed.

water shots
were a drive-by



evergreen said...

What a great road trip! Such beautiful, colorful photos, and I'm glad you spent some time with your daughter:)

Those scissors are quite unique...maybe the shop owner has info on them?

Stormy said...

Hi Ev!

The shop was closed the day we went, but we're going back down within the next 2 weeks, so I'm hoping to go back when they're open!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great road trip...those scissors look really interesting.


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