Weekend Road Trip - photos

Jamie & I
spent some 
on saturday.

we drove up 2

 on the drive there
we stopped at the waterbury 

i purchased this 
very curvy 
old chair for $12!

she'll be 
sanded back
(sometime soon)

i also bought an old
black & white
Vermont Rt 133 sign
("from the 50's")
they're no longer 

i bought it because Rt 133 runs thru
the town my mom was born.

I also purchased this slightly imperfect coffee cup
@ the festival
it's so cute...
love the no-handle!

2 of these after my 32oz smoothie
and i'm good to go.

and this...

we stopped here on our way home

i took this rock home.
i think it looks like a fossil of sorts.
jamie says " a coconut fossil"..


~ it was a beautiful day ~


Janice said...

Lovely, lovely, LOVELY pictures!!! And I also love your cup! So fun! I have a thing for pottery but can't buy right now since my house is not my own.


Stormy said...

Thanks Janice!
It's nice to see you! ♥

Anonymous said...

Great pictures...it looks like you had a great day and love your "finds".

Stormy said...

Thanks Sassy! :)

evergreen said...

Beautiful day! We spent the day in Stowe on Saturday...such a gorgeous town:)

Stormy said...

What brought you to Stowe?

You were SO close!
It's only like 40 minutes from our home.

evergreen said...

We went to an antique car show. I was also thrilled to shop at a great little natural food store right on Waterbury-Stowe Road called Sunflower Natural Foods. We also made a stop at Onion River co-op in Burlington:) Gotta get my shopping in on the weekends, too!


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