Garden Ring - Fresh off my bench

 Now in my


Kaelin said...

Absolutely gorgeous & so detailed!

Stormy said...

Thank You Kaelin ♥

Anonymous said...

Very pretty it.

Stormy said...

Thank You Sandi ♥

Michelle said...

That is such a beautiful piece! It's so inspiring, I just love it! Two of my favorite things - nature, and jewelry. So very pretty! ;)

I'm so happy to have discovered your blog, and can't wait to bookmark it so I can view all of your lovely creations!

Peace. ;)

Michelle @

Stormy said...

Thank You, Michelle!

I'm glad I stumbled upon yr site ""
tonight as well!

~ Peace ~

evergreen said...

The new ring is so pretty, and the photos of it are too:)

Stormy said...

Thanks Ev!


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