This is going to be HARD

for me to watch
feel it's necessary.
I will probably cry thru half of the movie...

we've already made up our minds
( Jamie & i )
about the way we eat
will continue to eat from now on.
We have given up
red meat
all "junk" foods.

Chicken & Shrimp
are the only 2 that we do eat.

I will be having a go at home-made almond milk soon.

we are steadily walking a healthier path day-by-day..

I feel it's necessary to watch the movie
(link below)
so i know b4 hand
if it's something i will recommend to others.
I hadn't even heard of this movie; they had a brief mention of it on
a morning show a week or so ago.

"I think skeptics will get the chance to see things from another view point 
perhaps walking a mile in those boots will give them some food for thought"

Have you seen this movie?

Let's Start



Janice said...


I want to see it to -- have you ead The Omnivore's Dilemma? Good book.

(did you know I started a raw food blog? just thought I'd separate it...I can run on and on and on ya

Stormy said...

Hey Janice!

I haven't read that book but, it's on my list now ~ thanks!

I do remember seeing you mention yr other blog, but forgot to check back, sorry. Days are going by so fast these days!
Heading over now...


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