It's late but...

I thought i'd do a quick update b4 bed.

Besides the nice
the morning 
fruit & veggie
smoothies are giving 
~ us ~
am now noticing a difference in my
muscle and joint 
There's less of it.

I know it's only been, just over  a month
drinking one
(sometimes 2) a day
i am feeling a change.
not a HUGE change
a change, for the better.

I don't eat lunch very often.
When I do, it's something like an apple dipped in peanut butter
something along those lines.

Dinner has been challenging.
Some nights we are both exhausted
and make things like
buckwheat pancakes
(like tonight).
Which is ok.
It's better for me than cheeseburgers, chops, etc.
Red meat is no longer on our radar.
I was craving a tomato olive oil pizza the other night
we went to LaVilla for dinner.
When we were going out more often for dinner
i would say to Jamie
"you should skip the pepperoni & sausage, or at least one,
and replace it with spinach or something".
He would say something like " i don't have this often, so let me eat what i want".
the other night, he ordered a grilled chicken pizza on a whole wheat crust.
NO nagging from me!
ALL on his own, haha...

Ok ~ so we bought this recipe book called
~ RAW ~
I decided to make a mock
It sounded good 
(because it was full of sunflower seeds, walnuts & almonds)
portobello mushrooms, celery, red pepper, sweet onion, fresh spices etc.
It took 4 EVER to make.
Once it was finished (b4 putting in the dehydrator)
i had a bite. It tasted really good!
I was thrilled, and couldn't wait until Jamie got home to try this with a fresh side salad.
 Lets just say Jamie was a good 'sport'.
  he ate 1.
I choked down 1/2 of a half, & then started laughing @ how bad this was.
The dehydrator killed the flavor.
It would have been good
b4 dehydrating
on some organic crackers as a spread instead.
The book is going back to B&N.
Way to many ingredients in most of the recipes.
We were in a hurry when we purchased it, and figured we could just return it if
it wasn't what we wanted.

I will be making a batch of 
crackers soon.
Will post when finished.

I made a sweet 'organic' distressed heart necklace as well.
Will be adding it to my shop tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

It's such a pity when a recipe that takes FOREVER to make turns out crappy. You and Jamie are really doing terrific!

Stormy said...

Hi Lisa ~
Hopefully, the crackers will be good. :)


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