Getting back

on track, is what i am hoping to do 
starting tomorrow 

It's been a couple of rough weeks
Yesterday was a good day 
(mild back pain)
Today was similar.

It's hard to believe i haven't sat at my bench since
mid December.
I hope to spend a little time there tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be
1 month 
since we started drinking 
every morning.

Last weekend
Jamie was working around the house
and came up to make a 2nd cuppa coffee
and said
"OH wait,
I think i'll make another smoothie instead".
That says a lot, when he reaches for the 
fruits & veggies 
instead of the coffee he so loves!

Last night i was surfing for more raw food info and came across a blog that mentioned a book I ordered, called

"The China Study"
T. Colin Campbell

A clip from the documentary 
"A Delicate Balance"

I also ordered another book
from Barnes & Noble
"The Coconut Oil Miracle"
click title to see book.

 I can't wait to start reading these!

I also ordered a new 
yoga mat 
meditation pillow 
that came yesterday.

Tomorrow morning
routine begins.
Part 2 
of getting me back to wellness.

One thing 
a time
seems to be the way 
i need to do things 
these days; but
that's OK.


lisaslovlies said...

Hi Stormy! I wish you the best in your new routine, it sounds amazing. Have a great weekend!

Stormy said...

Thanks Lisa ♥

sassyglassdesigns said...

Good luck with your new eating plan and I hope some of the pain subsides.

Stormy said...

Thanks Sassy ♥


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