Yada yada

I haven't blogged since last week (as u can see) ...was a busy week.

~ Jewelry-wise ~
this is all i got done today. 
bezel settings for these marque cut labradorite stones.
(they have much more blue flash than you see here)

they will be earrings, that may be placed upon 18g earwire/hoops. 
Just pulled the silver from the pickle for a quick pic.

I'm enjoying a cuppa coffee atm.

We are doing our usual Saturday night dinner out.
Jamie is picking up the tab tonight.
It's an early b-day dinner.

I think i will pack a few more items
when we return home.

Cut away the un-wanted backplate from those pieces.

Move a small storage cabinet out of this room as well.
I need the space for the
inversion table, so i dont have
  to pull it out from the corner every-time i want to use it.

And maybe, just
i will start painting the upstairs bath.
We'll see.

Hope all is well with everyone.

~ Later

1 comment:

Willow Branch said...

Labs are one of my favorite stones & I really like the shape you picked...waiting to see your new purty.




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