A few Yoga moves & babble

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because i forget 
these days.

I had my Chiro appt. onTuesday
(as usual).
 for some reason it left my back, balls of my shoulders, and upper arms
in severe pain.
it started once i got home
and lasted thru late last nite.

Today (Thursday) I'm totally exhausted from it.
although, the pain seems to be down to a 4
 (10 being the worst)
my energy level is roughly a 3
(10 being the best)
although, i haven't seen a "10" in ...
...i can't remember.

I've been experiencing  this since the "whiplash" accident
7+ years ago.
Some weeks are ok ~ others totally suck.

I've learned to "deal".
Maybe 2 much.
PT over the years has done nothing for me.
although one *back* exercise done on the floor, does help.
The inversion table helps for certain pain as well.

i'm thinking
my chiro is un-locking
some of the areas i've kept
"locked up"
for all of these years.
There4, things are being un-thawed so to speak ?
That's my hope anyway.
i will talk to her more about this next week.
One thing that may have been over-looked
the small problem disc between my shoulder-blades.
That's where *this* pain started.

Stress "locks" me up.
As i sit here
i have to keep trying to pay attention to my shoulders.
they are always in *stress mode*
(being pulled upward)
even if i'm not feeling stressed.
I've been told i am slightly
(one shoulder sits higher than the other)

I often day-dream
about the day we will move away.
to a warmer climate.
free of the cold and the stress that aggravates
my muscles & keeps me so tense.
free to live out the rest of our lives
enjoying the happier things life has to offer.
enjoying each other
like the "old days".

I fight this
day after day.
i keep telling myself
will NOT
beat me!

most days i am able to ignore *it*
and keep truckin on-ward.

some days i want to
"throw in the towel"

other days i ask
the universe 
 please, me from this pain!

This is just a
"get it off my chest"
no need to comment.


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