Sundays work

I was in a fog half the day today.
I never left the house.
I really hate how early it gets dark this time of year

I've had a mild nagging head/neck ache all day.
But did manage to get these earrings made.

They were all tumbled for an hour
or so
and will be tumbled a
few more hours, until.

The labradorite earrings went in a direction all their own.
I took this photo under my OTT-Lite --
the stone is not that blue!

The "paisley" ? shaped earrings had a mind of their own.
They started out in a shape
i've not
done nor' seen
but the torch grabbed a-hold
and the ball started roll-in...

The hoops were a last minute thing. 

 The lab earrings will be oxidized tomorrow 

The hoops will stay silver.

The other pair. . .

i'm not
  sure yet.

PS ~ the temp is 29* degrees F



Anonymous said...

They are so pretty Stormy. The pictures you take of your jewelry are really well done.

Willow Branch said...

29* you're right..BRRRRRRRR


Stormy said...

Thanks Girls :)

It's heading for 8pm...i just sat down at my laptop ~ am exhausted, so pics wait until i get home tomorrow (if i can grab the light in time).

Anonymous said...

Very pretty...I love the lab earrings.


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