It's almost 2am

Wed morning, so i'll post a few photos b4 bed.
The studio space pics didn't come out because the day was a dark one.
  They will come another day.

Starting on the left

Black Onyx ~ Koroit Opal ~ Ocean Jasper ~ Turquoise
The silver just came out of the pickle in this photo.
Not sure what the opal & jasper will be yet.
The floss under the jasper stone is there so i can
pop the stone back out to finish the piece.

Finished Onyx & Turquoise below.
The silver on these were from scrap i was going to melt down
but then started to play around with it and decided to make these "simple" pieces.

The turquoise still needs a chain put together and oxidized.
I only purchased a few small commercial
bezel cups to see how i liked them.
I like the small stones on pieces, and will continue to use them but
i wish my hands could handle making bezels this small instead.

Update ~ i was able to get the chain for the
turquoise necklace
 oxidized, tumbled and put together when i got home today.

Both necklaces will be listed in my shop by the weekend.
It will be close to dark when i get home tomorrow and Friday
 so photos will be done Saturday morning.

~Another Update~
My neighbor wanted this, so it's been replaced with a teardrop shaped pendant in my shop.

Finishing my cocoa and heading for bed...


Willow Branch said...

I can't imagine making those tiny bezels either!! I just buy the small ones. What a beautiful beach..although the water does look a little chilly.


Stormy said...

We've already gone down to the low 40s F at night here ~ i'd say yr right about the water being cold!

Thanks for stopping by!

Initial Charms said...

It is a very good idea to be making new designs.Really like your collection with such an unique opal.


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