Blueberry Bird Poo ??

The last week has been pretty busy, with very little time to create jewelry. I did manage to melt 2 fine silver bezels in the hour I crammed in :(
Tomorrow I have a few hours to work on something else. 

Other than that, not much going on except...

This evening, Jamie and I went to do some grocery shopping ~ I got out of the truck and started walking towards the store... felt something wet land on my left baby toe (i had flip flops on) and I looked down to see what looked like a large mushed blueberry
 my back was bothering me so I couldn't bend down that close...

I said "JAMIE..come here and tell me WTH this is that just landed on my toe!"

(laughing a little as i yelled for him) 
He says, "it looks like a bird just crapped out a blueberry ~ giggles"

I totally grossed out ~ Yuck! 

He got a napkin out of the truck to wipe it off for me. 
 Once we got into the store, he grabbed one of the disinfectant wipes they have to clean carts, and finished cleaning it off.

it was actually pretty funny once it was removed from my foot!




lisaslovlies said...

Jamie sounds sweet. Chris would have laughed heartily and made me suffer for awhile before removing said "poo-berry" from my piggies. Yuck!

Stormy said...

Sweet yes, but he still thought it was funny, lol.

hmmm ;)

sassyglassdesigns said...

Don't you hate it when you melt the bezels...makes me so made. On the other hand, I guess it is better you stepped in it than it landing on your head...nice of Jamie to clean it off tho'.

Stormy said...

Most of us know when we should get up and take a break, right?
I just didn't that day.

I'm glad my foot was 1 step ahead of me, so *it* got the blueberry, instead of my head! ;)

Pixie's Purpose said...

Following you to your new blog.

Stormy said...

Thanks Pixie! :)


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