Torching my Dreams...

Note ~ for those who are new to my blog & didn't get here through 
"stormy's day" (my old blog)...
This is where my new blog begins.
: )


The name for this blog came to me,  when i stopped thinking so much about it. 

like the name.

Creating jewelry (using a torch), was the last thing i thought i'd be doing at this point in my life.
The earrings in the header above were torched to get that gorgeous patina; which took many attempts to get them to match up enough to sell as a pair...but i loved every minute of it.
That's pretty much where i
"fell in love with my torch".
May become my new shop name 
down the road. 
Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

excellent name! the best stuff happens when you stop thinking, doesn't it :)

Stormy said...

Hey Lisa!
I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks 4 stopping by!


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