Weekend Update

I just realized I haven't blogged in a i sit here checking my email...
Anyway ~ Not much to report.

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to a bead shop in Johnson called "Zoe's Kaleidoscope" to see what they had for cabochons and found nothing to my liking. They had a lot of beads, just not much for cabs, which is what i was looking for.
On the way back, we stopped at a country garden center that was having a yard sale and I found this great shelf for $5!!
  love it when we find good deals. :)

It's 30" wide x 31" high ~ nice "beefy" piece.
I'm about to go hose it down, and think about what color i want to paint it. I was thinking i would use it for extra storage in the upstairs bath but it's 2 big for the space, sooo.. i guess it will go in my "studio" space :)
  I can always use more storage in there.

A few pic's i snapped on the road.

Let's see ~ what else is new...

we've been talking about getting married 
 (seeing we've been 2gether for 10.5 years
love :) 

I'm thinking about sewing myself a long tunic 
(haven't sewn since i made the leather bag)

~ I've also been practicing my soldering ~

 waiting for another Rio Grande order to arrive ...trying a 2nd pair of magnifying head wear 
(the first pr didn't work with my script) 
I hope i find something soon...i can't see the solder flow ~ which makes it hard to do!

 Silver prices keep going UP and UP and UP!!


lisaslovlies said...

The shelf is a great find! Looks like a lovely day.

Pixie's Purpose said...

Love the shelf!


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