She **Freaks** me out...

when she does this!

 it's the 3rd time i've caught her up there.
i know she's just being a
but we're 3 floors up
i think 
"what if she falls!"

i know she knows what she's doing
(i hope)
but ...

i had a cat b4 mika
miss kitty.
one day jamie and i had left the house for a couple hours
and came home to miss kitty
out on the porch.
we thought
how did she get out there?
we don't let her
on the porch"
(because it was close to the road)
but there she was!
then we went upstairs to 
our bedroom
to find that the huge screen in our window 
was pushed out!
she had jumped up to 
what 'wasn't there'
(a sill)
and flew out the window!
to the porch below. 

thank god
she landed on the porch 
and was OK.

lil devil.


Paula & Skip said...

Oh, I loved reading this and seing all these pic. You have patience and a good eye. Yet mostly I am in for the cat. Makes me miss my oscar even more which I had to put to rest 2 years by now.
I am sure he will lead me to a new cat when I am ready ( and have moved to Tampa).

Anonymous said...

What a great post...animals are so much pleasure....wish we knew what they were thinking...I think.

Stormy said...

Hi Paula ~ thanks 4 stopping by!

Sorry to hear about yr Oscar ♥
we had to put our 13 yr old Miss Kitty down 2 yrs ago, it's so hard to do.

Sas ~ they are! we never have a dull moment with Mika around!

Endy Daniel said...

Cute cat! it reminds me of my lost cat long time back, his name was taechi... :(


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