Pics of The House that Built 'Me'

video below
goes with this post. 
you may want to *play* while reading.


we took a 4 hour drive 
on the bike today (Saturday).
it was hot (near 90*)
 when we started out around 3pm.

a couple of hours into it
we took
a drive 2 where i grew up.

 i love coming back here to 
 "house that built me"
my father built this house
b4 i was even born.
over 55 years ago.
when he passed away
my mom sold the house.
the neighbors next door
bought it.

we used to sit on that
old concrete road-side step
in our pj's @ night
under the street lights
talking and playing up a storm.

the back yard is
we had a beautiful garden
Mom & Dad
planted every veggie you can imagine.
 fruit trees & vines here and there
thru-out the yard.

and flowers ~
ohh the flowers!
Mom had the green-est thumb
i'd ever seen.

chickens, rabbits, geese, ducks,
a horse
 a couple dogs
many cats
over the years.

it makes me happy
to see how well they still care for 
our house.

the house
my dad built.

mom & dad 
10 of us 
5 girls & 5 boys.

so many good memories.
some, not so good.
but they're mine.

i miss her.
our house.

i am ever-so-thankful
i can take a stroll
any time
heart desires.

 we parked the bike around 
the corner
on the road
we walked
many many times
as kids 
the beach.

jamie & i
played around
like children
until we couldn't 
It was a good day.

Mom had the chance
to meet this man
b4 she passed.
understood why
i felt so much love 4 him.
he changed my life.
Dad would have liked him a lot too.
after-all ~ he builds beautiful homes as well. 
so beautiful
we can't afford to live in one.
but that's ok.
when i first heard
this song
i new it would be used in 
a blog post.
it's as if i wrote it.
(except we new our neighbors) 


evergreen said...

A very beautiful, moving post:) It's wonderful to have such lovely memories.

Stormy said...

Thank You ♥

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post Stormy and such a beautiful home that built you so well.

Stormy said...

Thank You Sassy ♥


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