Photos - my work-bench area

isn't what it used to be.
far from it!
but i'm ok with it.
it's the price i pay for getting the
'flat' i wanted. 

it's actually 
as you'll see below.

this is what jamie had built 4 me in the last apartment.
now it's being used in storage for his tools etc.
(i'm so glad he found use 4 it!)

this is what my bench area 
is today.
it was moved around on saturday.
far from finished.
it'll get there.

 2 good size drawers are
good for storing hammers, solder & such.

don't mind the mess below.

the door will be going back on the cabinet
(to hide all of the baskets that hold a lot of my supplies)

my inversion table
is a pain in the butt
as it takes up space
it helps a lot
when my back & neck hurt.

a lot in 1 room!
it feels much better than it 
looks in these photos.
trust me.

this little lady!
i found her at a gift shop years ago
just had to 
take her home!

i'll post more photos as i get the room 
~ shape ~
so much furniture painting to do!

that's all for now!


Janice said...

Looks good! Clean, organized, very functional!

Anonymous said...

It looks nice and organized - it's just great to have your own "space".

evergreen said...

You have a great workspace, and I adore your "muse"!

p.s. I am totally addicted to my inversion table:)

Stormy said...

There's a lot to be done in that room, as well as the rest of the house ~~ i'm kind of scattered all over doing many things @ once; it's a bit crazy!

As the ol saying goes -- PAINT "will be hitting the fan" soon, and b4 you know it, everything will be white! lol


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