He felt the Earth move under his feet... Earthquake!

Ok, so not under his feet.
(jamie, that is).
he was laying on the sofa
when the sofa started to 
rock N roll.
ok, not really 
rock N roll

being on the 3rd floor
i'm glad i wasn't home yet.
i was driving
felt nothing.

it's just as well.

was in  
s-p-a-z  mode
all morning.
she started at 7ish am.
she exhausted herself by the time it hit
which was something like 1:43 pm. 
heck ~ she exhausted me! 
jamie said
"she just laid on the floor looking around".

another 1 of my cats did this back in the early 80's 
when we had an earthquake.
she flew around the house like her tail was on fire
20 min's b4 it hit.

it's pretty cool how animals can sense this.
not cool, that we had one. 

 "The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries" 

The U.S. Geological Survey said "the quake was centered 33 miles northeast of Ottawa near Buckingham, Quebec, which is 137.8 miles northwest of Burlington."
(which is where we are)

did U feel the quake?


Barbara Lewis said...

Hi there, I found your blog through Millie's. I read your comment about the head pins. In this issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry I have a whole article on how to make them. If you've got a torch, you've got an enameled head pin!

Lady Grey said...

we felt it too!

evergreen said...

Yes, I {{{felt}}} it too. It is amazing how the animals can sense these things!


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