Stress Test Results

I got good news this morning  ~ after being put into a state of feeling like i was having an ACTUAL ♥ attack ~ all calmed down about 15 minutes after the treadmill. The doctor told me the photos of my ♥ looked good, and my heart beats the way it should etc., but the EKG is still somewhat of a mystery. He says he doesn't think it's anything to worry about. Another doctor looked at the photos with him, and both came to the same conclusion.
I was there at 7:15am this morning, and was able to leave at around 10:45am.  
He did say these tests do not show plaque buildup ~ so that was a little disappointing to hear. 
At the end of the treadmill, I got crushing back and chest pain ~ the chest pain like THIS, was a first for me.
I thought i was having a damn heart attack! Apparently, it was my usual back pain, only 5-6 times worse.
My back pain/ knots/spasms,  push against my chest wall pretty often, which is why i told my doc a while back, "i would never know if i was having a ♥ attack", and then the doctor i had seen last week said the same thing to me.

I have a full physical next month, so will go over everything then;
when I can write down Q's i'll want to ask about this experience.
When Jamie called earlier to see how things went ~ I told him and then said..."I want a nice fresh salad for dinner @ our fave restaurant & then a nice walk on the beach" ~ so that's what we're going to do. :)
This summer is just about over, and we have NOT made it to the beach 1 day, because the weather sucked all summer until now.
Anyway...i'm off to stretch for a bit and get ready for dinner.
I hope you all had a great day!


Pixie's Purpose said...

Sorry about the back pains but VERY glad to know it's not the heart.

Stormy said...

I was glad to hear that as well :)


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