EKG was done

I went to the doctors on Thursday ~ she said "everything *sounds* OK " in my chest ~ my BP & HR were normal.
After talking about my symptoms, she decided to do an EKG on me b4 leaving.
That showed what she called " a small abnormality" and scheduled a "Cardiolite stress test" for Tuesday of next week.

"It's a way to determine if your ♥ muscle is getting the blood supply it needs.
The test also helps find out how well your heart is working.
To perform the test, a small amount of Cardiolite is injected into your blood through IV.
A special camera is then able to take pictures of your heart.
Although Cardiolite is a radioactive material, it's safely cleared from your body by natural processes.
You will be exposed to the same amount of radiation as in a simple X-ray or CAT (CT) scan".

The treadmill will also be part of this test.

I'm allergic to IVP dye, so the first Q i asked was, "is this a dye"? ~ The answer was no.

As of now (Saturday 8-22-09) I am feeling a little better, which I'm sure is due to the hormones leaving my system. My back has been killing me due to the stressful week ~ Jamie has been working on that each evening.

The doctor did say, " with all of the back issues you have been dealing with for all these years, it could mask the symptoms of a ♥ attack".

That's because 99% of my back pain is between my shoulder blades, and moves up to my shoulders and neck, sometimes my arm. If one area bothers me, the rest follow.

I saved a "scope" for this past week ~ I get in my email weekly, just because the week b4 was accurate.

"A New Moon on Thursday in Leo brings you an opportunity to make a fresh start. You may decide to change your patterns of belief, as these create the circumstances in which you find yourself"

accurate again...

I pray my test shows *all* is OK...

~ On a more positive note ~

I managed to make 3 pr of
SS earrings today

Will tumble when we get back from dinner & take photos tomorrow.


Pixie's Purpose said...

Good luck on the stress test and be sure to let us know about your results. Glad they are doing a thorough check on you. :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I hope everything comes out great with the test. Heart troubles are terrifying. Good luck!

Stormy said...

I'll let you know ~
Thank you ♥


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