Saturday Road Trip

A trip we took down to Middlebury Vermont on Saturday.
This photo is the backside of the falls.
We had no clue you could go back there.
There were quite a few cute little shops in sweet historic buildings.
After, we walked around to the village, and did a little shopping.

The bridge went right across the water ~ I tried to cross but, it didn't happen ~ I'm afraid of heights; although if it were grass down below, I would have walked across.
Rushing water scares me more ~ besides...some of the wood planks were a little loose!

One of the cute little shops above, in a very old building.

A lil bug on Jamies finger in the truck

This is a Bactrian Camel that lives on farm on route 7
~ we finally got a pic on the way home.


lisaslovlies said...

Looks like a lovely weekend! You new benches are WONDERFUL! Isn't it terrific having a handy husband. I'd love to see the studio when it is all put together. Have a terrific Wednesday Stormy!!!

Pixie's Purpose said...

I love the water fall shot... very cool. Glad you had a great time, sounds like you both are feeling a bit better.

Stormy said...

Yes Lisa, it is!
He built our "dining" table out of solid maple. Stained the bottom a light maple ~ the top a dark chocolate color's my favorite piece.

The work bench, is just that ~ a w-o-r-k you know, nothing fancy, but it sure does the job! :)
I love the 8'x 9'11" work area!

Stormy said...

Pixi, the waterfall pic is my fave as well :)

Since Jamie went back to work, he is slowly getting more easily exhausted.
He thinks his meds may have to be adjusted again. He also said tonight he may buy a ♥ monitor to keep track of his heart rate, to see if there's a difference between when he's feeling good & not. One of the meds keeps his ♥ rate down, so he thinks it may be keeping it down to much.

sassyglassdesigns said...

That looks like such a gorgeous place...very artsy....glad you had a good weekend.


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