HRT update

I put my first patch of estradiol /estrogen on Saturday afternoon ~ took the prometrium/progesterone at bedtime ~ removed the patch on Sunday evening and stopped there.
Sunday morning my back and legs ached a LOT ~ I had heart palpitations (which i'm used too) but these were more than that...i could feel my ♥ murmur pounding as if it were on the outside of my body (s-c-a-r-y).
Even though I stopped everything, the heart issues remained.
Funny thing is, I'm not aware of this happening much until I stop moving around.

I went to the pharmacy on my way out this morning to check my BP and HR. My BP was normal but, my ♥ rate was 55 bpm one minute and 103 the next. I thought maybe it was the machine, so I went across the street to another pharmacy, and got the same readings. I checked 4 times on each machine without much change. This evening on our way out to dinner, we stopped at the pharmacy again to check ~ this time my heart rate was staying at 99 bpm.
It's now almost 11:00pm Tuesday ~ it seems to be better after a good back rub from Jamie.
I'm suppose to schedule an appt. with my GYN to discuss what I want to do from here.

If this ♥ issue doesn't go away by tomorrow, I'll be calling my doctors office to be seen.

As far as what I will do from here ~ I'll finish reading *The Wisdom of Menopause* by Christiane Northrup, and try some of the other alternatives in her book.
( I don't think hrt is 4 me )

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Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Goodness! That is not something to mess around with! I have an irregular heartbeat, and I have to be careful what meds I use. Go see that doctor!


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