Manic Monday

I woke up feeling a little PMS-E this morning, but did survive the day!
We had some pretty strong thunder storms blow through here off and on today, but I managed to dodge every one of them! Once I got home from ~W~, we went right back out the door to get a few groceries. Jamie is starting to feel better (a little each day) ~ I'm SO glad :)
We went down to the farm stand b4 we hit the grocery store...I purchased a big juicy tomato, a raspberry pie, a quart of strawberries, and some rhubarb 4 Jamie to try (he's never had it).
He grabbed some *GIANT* molasses cookies ~ no surprise! :)
He cooked burgers for dinner; he does the BEST burgers, using 85% lean.

After dinner, I got into a cleaning mood, which I took upstairs once the downstairs was done, and into my studio space. I emptied a bin on wheels w/drawers that I couldn't stand looking at any longer, and sorted things into three wicker baskets, that will go on a shelf above one work table. Mika (my cat) loves to climb things, so I'm a little worried she may try to climb onto the shelf...wicker baskets or not, she'll try!
My "studio" is coming together S-L-O-W-L-Y...time, is not on my side...

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Pixie's Purpose said...

Hope he is feeling better. My cats climb on any and everything, no matter what is in their way. I'm going to try to make the recipe you put up the other day sometime this week. Thanks.


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