Jamie got a call from the doc's office on Thursday, telling him his blood work showed he has hyperthyroidism, and they scheduled him an appointment with a specialist for Friday.
I came home early so I could go with him to the appt. After looking at his "numbers", she said he was pretty sick. He got a script for beta blockers (to slow his heart rate), and anti-thyroid medication. He also had to go for more blood work, so we can see how his liver is functioning.

I new something was going on as I watched him lose weight(40 lbs)over the last few months, but he figured it was just his *lunch time* eating habits, he had changed for the better, and less food at dinner. I didn't buy that. He went from 220 lbs husky/muscular, down to 180, so I scheduled him an appointment for a physical (he was a year past due). For the last month or so, I noticed every time I hugged him, he had this internal shaking all over. I first noticed his hands shaking, which he said was probably the caffeine (he does drink his coffee quite strong). Enough to make him a little hyper, and shake all over?... We've been together 10 yrs, and this is the first time I've seen him like this. Thursday night, I laid in bed until 3am watching him sleep ~ my hands on his chest, listening to his heart beat, feeling the tremors, waiting for the calm. He's going through this with a "it's no big deal, I'm fine *smiles*" attitude, which is SO like him. He looks for the good in everything :) I'm so lucky to have him ~ he's my rock. I can't stand seeing him in pain.
He goes back to see the specialist mid July, to see how he's doing on these meds, and to get another blood test to check his liver again.


Pixie's Purpose said...

Keep hope alive Stormy. *hugs when you need them*

Stormy said...

Thanks Pixie ♥


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