Friday Road Trip

We had a graduation to go to Friday at 6:30, three hours away. The forecast said it was going to be a "cloudy day with no rain", but that turned out to be wrong! We had showers off and on all the way there... I find it SO hard to wake up on rainy days ~ they suck for me! Having an exhausting week didn't help.
By the time we got there, the sun came out from between the clouds, so the event took place outside, which was nice ~ (they were set up for inside just in case). We left there and went to dinner at a restaurant with
high prices and *#@^ for service, and the food was nothing to write home about(although some liked it)...reservation was at 8pm ~ got our food at around 9:45 ~ asked for warm bread for the table and the waitress acted like it was a crime! Mumbled it was "for the salad bar", which is what I got, but I saw NO rolls...why?, because they were hidden in the warmer *under* the salad bar! Anyway...glad it's over :)

Sorry for the rant ~ I felt awful the whole day ~ so much stress & worry has built up ~ I guess I just needed to vent...

The drive home was the best part ~ Jamie and I talked about our childhood all the way home ~ I love times like these :)

The bugles I grabbed at a store on the way...I wanted sweet & salty caramel chex mix, but this was all they had. They're not bad...a cross between regular bugles and caramel popcorn.

I did wake up to 2 sales Saturday morning :)
I need to get more in my shop!... a busy week ahead may hold me back on this, but I'm going to try hard to get something done!

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